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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Replacing Headlights

Your car headlights are a major contributor to your ability to drive safely at night. Your headlights have to illuminate the road ahead brightly and widely enough to enable you to see what's in front of you.

If you've had issues with your lights not illuminating enough, you may think replacing them is the next step, and sometimes it is. After all, newer LED bulbs are very bright and can provide the custom vehicle lighting you want. What's more, according to Bob Vila, LED lights can last up to 20 years. However, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions before taking your car in for new headlights.

Are Your Headlights Cloudy?

If you think your headlights aren't bright enough because the glass front is yellowed and cloudy, you may not need to replace them. Your car's headlights will develop a "cloudiness" because they oxidize over time when they're exposed to air, dirt, and debris. Restoring your headlights could make them clearer. Restoration involves polishing and sanding the glass fronts so that they're clear and clean like they were when you bought the car. However, if cleaning your headlights doesn't seem to improve their brightness and you're still unable to see on the road as well as you should, it may be time to consider replacing your headlights.

Are You Interested in Changing the Type of Bulb?

If you want LED bulbs for your vehicle for better and brighter lighting, you may not have to replace the entire headlight. All you need is a conversion kit in order to use your new LED bulbs. However, if you're looking for custom vehicle lighting that meets your specifications, replacing the entire headlight may be the better option.

Are You Driving in Different Conditions?

If you've been driving in an area that isn't as well-illuminated as you're used to, it may be that you simply haven't realized how dark it really is in that area. This will make any illumination you get from your headlights seem dimmer because you don't have the same ambient lighting helping you see the road. If you were driving in an area you normally drive through at night, though, and things seemed dimmer and you know it wasn't your eyes, then getting new headlights may be in order.

If you're interested in custom vehicle lighting and replacing your car's headlights with ones that are better and brighter, contact our experienced team at Get HID Lights today. We offer great lighting options for a wide range of vehicles, so you can feel confident knowing we have the headlights you need.

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